An Interlocking Love Affair.

It was a common passion that all of us shared, that has brought us together. A polygamous relationship that has its ups and downs. It all started decades ago where a gift was presented to a child from the sincerest of hearts, our dear parents. A simple piece of plastic that has stirred up unimaginable creativity. This was where it has all begun. Fast forwarding to the present, the love affair for the imaginative toy that has unearthed amazing creativity from a simple block to a city of blocks, continue to drive the desire in each of us to create better and bigger creations. So much so that we aspire to unleash the creative minds of adults and children alike. Call it nostalgia or just pure fandom, this common passion has driven us to create communities and friendships that has stood the test of time. It is this friendship & the love affair that have driven us to build this new band of brothers (and sisters). Pooling our passion and resources, we have given birth to our proudest creation. We present Cubebrix™ to the world of Lego® – where imagination and our best work are yet to come. We aspire to only create our best, leveraging what we know and are most passionate about. We aspire to put our brotherhood (and sisterhood) above all and only let our passion drives us. We are the Cubebrix™ – a group of Adult Fans of Lego® (AFOLs).

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